BTS‘s V has made a buzz on the internet with his artist-made collection. Not long ago, through @HYBE_MERCH‘s upload, the BTS agency shared portraits of 2 fashion products designed by BTS member, Kim Taehyung. These two products are the project carried out by BTS members in the ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS. On January 10, 2022, Hybe Merch posted a video of Kim Taehyung “V” making his autograph collection.

The first product was a brooch with various shapes which was inspired by his love of art. His love for brooches was seen when he wore a paint palette brooch. V also likes art, both the work of other painters and his own paintings. A set of colorful brooches has pictures of cloud drops, flower buddies, and faces. He further stated that he created a brooch set for ARMYs, something fun, colorful, and easy to wear for everyday use.

The second product is a handbag with a brown classic appearance which is named “Mute Boston Bag”. This bag has a white and red floral satin ribbon tied to the handle, because V loves scarves in different colors and styles. The bag also equipped with a long detachable strap for those who want to use it as a sling bag

The material is made of Saffiano leather, a practical material that’s easy to care for. This Saffiano leather has been widely used by other high-end brands such as Prada and Coach. The name Saffiano comes from the crosshatch print that was pressed into the wax that coated the leather. It is supposed to be water-resistant and on a vegetable-tanned base.

Saffiano Leather Texture

Talking about making Boston bags, Kim Taehyung said:

“Sorry I didn’t think of ARMY, I thought of myself when designing it.”

ARMYs around the world appreciate V for his honesty and humility.

As indicated by the HYBE merchandise sales page within the Weverse Shop, the Mute Boston Bag designed by BTS V costs $168 in the US and $153.28 elsewhere or around Rp.2,191,589, – rupiah. Products will be available on January 11, 2022 on the Weverse Shop app. Many ARMY uploads on the internet share their experiences of wanting to buy the product but it immediately sold out in 2 seconds.