Reliable Handbag Manufacturer Usa

Reliable International Bag Factory Usa – Megatama Group is one of the reliable International Bag Factory Usa who easily provide you with one stop service manufacturer, and as the reliable international bag factory we surely want our clients & potential clients can fill any needs from their brand’s or business to fill up with our services.

Since 1985 known as Cardina before we only provide a leather goods for our clients and export it to across the world, and time by time we improving our services on 2013 due to high demand also we provide an international bag factory. This one also a little bit history of our journey building our retail brand Doris Dorothea who growth exponentially and sold internationally.

So back to the Megatama Group as the international bag factory who are reliable and provide one stop service bag factory, What kind of services you can get from us?

1. Design

Design is one of the important things that you really need to pay attention before make your own handbag for your brand, Based on design you can really got your market fit and closing more sales. By making a good design you can really fit your market and put a brand positioning based on your vision.

2. Material

The second thins that were important are materials, What kind of material that you’re using for your handbag will affect to your product quality and sales. If your brand positioning were a high class branded fashion handbag and you use a cheap materials to gain more margin that not really good for your brands. So our advice is you put your own market fit product for your handbag.

3. Packaging

We also want to provide you with packaging things to make sure you can got all things in one place, Its also will give you an easily things that you might needed for your handbag brands needs. We provide a dustbag, box & many more of packaging based on your needs.

Another things you need to know is what you really need to consider before you picking the right international bag factory for your handbag brands?

1. Leadtime Production

We guarantee your project will be handled with ETA 30-45 days of work. All our sources and resourecs would maximize the product that we working on with perfectly estimate time. So you dont have to worry about your project cause we have more than 200 workers with experienced designer & RnD Team.

2. Low MOQ

If you’re really looking up for a low MOQ international bag factory youre on the right place, We have a requirements that for any brands / client who want to make a bag with us with only 100 Pcs Minimum / Model & Color. And also with can adjust all your MOQ needs with any additional needs.

3. Various type of Material

Many international bag factory place dont have a materials need for your custom handbag, But on Megatama Group we provide the best bag’s materials with any type of skin, leather and canvas. Just tell us your needs and we will provide you with the best material for your handbag.

So what you guarantee us for picking megatama group as your international bag factory just all that?

Kindly please ask our team and we surely will help you and talk to you directly on online meeting!

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