For better or worse, everyone knows that the last few years have been tough from various sides, not from needs but also from limited wants. This makes everyone have a different mindset, feel and behaviour from before. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that history repeats itself, and to look to the future, we must look to the past. Specifically, the time before covid-19 and the time before that. At the beginning of the pandemic, fashion items that were often used were sweatpants, loungewear, or other products that made people feel comfortable to wear, but can look fashionable both at home and on the go.

It can be seen that now, not only abroad, in Indonesia it has started to return to the “real” normal, many offices have implemented the WFO system, even school students have met 100% face-to-face. Based on research results, it is said that consumers will buy products that can be used for a long period of time, which requires high quality products so that they can also be used as investments in the future, the investment is not only in the form of money but the product can be used for children and your future grandchildren.

The following trends are formed from changes in consumer behaviour:

More or less in 2021, you have also realized that genderless fashion is heard everywhere, which there are no certain rules in dressing both women and men. For women they’re more concerned with the comfort of the clothes with a loose cut. As for men, they can wear fashion freely while still maintaining their masculinity.

The emergence of sustainability shaming. Shaming seems almost inherent in fashion. So last season. Too revealing. By 2022, it will be “not sustainable enough” or it’s derivatives. 

Comfortable clothes will last a long time in fashion trends, because consumers still can’t leave their comfort zone habits at home. But they can level up their comfort clothes by adding unique fashion accents such as odd shaped bags, products with a bright statement color, the use of accessories and others. Additionally this style can replace the jeans style in the past.

Lat but not least, royal blue will be the color of 2022. Although Royal Blue is a Pantone 2020 color, it’s momentum will be built throughout 2021 to reach a critical mass in 2022. Behind the trend of royal blue, there is a story behind it that In color psychology, blue is associated with order, stability and reliability.

After the anxiety of the last few years, these are some of the trends that will occur in the future.